Hi, I'm Matthew Gaddy. I help engineers increase their focus, defeat distractions, and get more done.

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Jeff Perry,The Engineering Career Podcast Host 

"With a love of people and a desire to bless lives, he then brings his awesome productivity frameworks and training along to help people get the most out of their precious time."

Michael Mudukuti, Co-Founder of GoXR

"He is very knowledgable as he is a subject matter expert in the productivity space. He gave me so much insight on how I could restructure my day to increase my productivity and reduce burnout."

Brandon Dominguez, Design QA Engineer

"Matthew has been pivotal in my success toward productiveness...Without a doubt, look forward to sharing this with my coworkers and friends, it's honestly eye-opening how these structured changes can unlock so much potential."


Matthew Gaddy has been a student of productivity for over 8 years. 


He has field-tested his learnings about effective actions, goal setting and increasing productivity as an engineer at largest utility in Texas, "soloprenuer" and as the Director of Client Success for a 6 figure company.

Matthew sees the need for productivity coaching, not as a way to add more to already crammed days, but to teach others how to:

- Identify the goals they want to achieve

- Select and prioritize the steps to achieve them

- Plan days that supported their productivity 

- Execute their actions to their best ability.


Matthew is on a mission not only to help engineers and entrepreneurs become more productive but to also do so in a way that lessens stress and fosters an environment to produce high-quality work.


My Services.

7 Tips for Increasing Your Workplace Focus WITHOUT Distractions Cheatsheet

This cheatsheet is designed to give you seven simple ways you can increase your workplace focus and productivity WITHOUT being hamstrung by distractions. The best part is that the cheatsheet is FREE! Get it now and start using your increased focus to produce high quality work today!

You will recieve:

  • Tips on maximizing your focused worktime

  • A simple way to control your notifications and make sure they don't distract you.

  • How you can enjoy your distractions WITHOUT them hampering your productivity.

Time Block King Course.

This course walks you through the 4 steps to productivity (Identify, Select, Plan & Execute) and how you can apply them to your life. This allows you to create productive action which supercharges your work and output so that you can increase & improve your output.


  • Focus on the RIGHT things instead of just MORE things

  • Produce a min of 3 hrs of HIGH-QUALITY work time per day

  • DEFEAT distractions to produce your best work


"Improved productivity means less human sweat, not more."

Henry Ford

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